Current events!

Well, as y'all have seen, I have been getting a goodly bit of work done the past couple weeks. There are some additional photos in the Projects section of the page under Boson's Bakfiets. The last two weeks, however, have been held up by some unfortunate winter influenza situation in my respiratory system and the possibly related brutal cold that pervades my workspace. However, I will continue cracking on, as I would have liked to get the cargo bike all brazed up by the end of the week. The big hurdles that are coming up this week are the biggest challenges of the whole project: locking down the head tube angle in phase with the centerline of the bike, and rigging up the sweet cable steering rig. Lots of pictures and probably separate blog posts for those coming soon!

The other real news here is that I have another little project lined up, a matching stem for Ben's all-road disc bike. I like doing stems because I actually have a very nice piece of tooling, the Sputnik stem jig (, which allows me to achieve very accurate angles. Once I do Ben's stem, I may well bang out another couple of them for fun and practice. The other cool thing here is that I will get to try my hand at small-scale electroplating, which I bought a kit for after seeing my friend Lance over at Squarebuilt ( do a sweet job gold plating some lugs on a road bike he built up last year. Lots of cool stuff coming, folks!