test ride day!

today was a good day. i got the cable steering system up and running and had boson stop by the shop with his parts to do a test build and ride it around. it fits and rides awesome! i'm still doing some work on tuning the steering and i need to get my hands on an extra long brake cable for the front brake. but, the head tube angle is spot on, the bike is confident and stable at low speeds but still maneuvers nicely. 

here is boson navigating traffic down on central street by the shop. the maiden voyage! i am very pleased at how it has come together. pretty soon it will be off to paint, and then i can use the robot laser cutter to make some sweet wooden paneling for the cargo bay. at this point, i would say the fabrication itself is 95% complete. i did update the projects tab (http://www.akratic-cycles.com/work/#/bosons-bakfiets/) with some more photos, and i will have all the pictures of the raw joints and cable steering system up soon.