Powdercoating success!

Well it was a long day in the workshop on Thursday (thanks Lance and Jennifer for letting me work so late!), but Emily's frame and fork are looking good under two coats of powder. I am very pleased with how it all came out- I have put some preliminary photos up right now, with a full set of glamor shots to come soon. It is always a combination of excitement and relief to reach this stage of a project: it is all done and it is awesome. The powdercoating process went really well on this one, and I am actually looking forward to my next couple of little things, all of which will also need powder coating, as opportunities to play with it some more. 

It has been a minute since Emily and I first sat down to chat about the bike back in December, but it has been a very valuable learning experience for me. I am excited to put some of the things I have learned to use in my next couple of projects which are already starting to coalesce. More pictures and stories soon!